Visual Perspective: Cypress Trees As Bass Cover

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Seeing all the images of anglers fishing cypress trees during the Bassmaster Elite tournament on the Sabine River on the TX/LA border brought back memories of how cypress tress create classic fishing holding cover.

Knowing these trees have extensive root systems with root balls and knees, they also pose a few challenges when trying to lure bass from their twisted maze…

cypress tree as bass cover

Earlier today, I located a couple of interesting articles online about fishing around cypress groves and sent “tweets” out to interested followers.

For those missing the tweets, the article links are:

Huge Bass May Hide Under Cypress Trees & Bass Fishing Cypress Trees

So why are the root systems of these trees so tricky?

Mainly the gnarly way the roots branch and grow creating great cover with lots of hang-up potential at the same time as shown in these images…

Cypress Tree, Check note out..

Image via Kat Morgan on Flickr

Notice the way the roots splay out away from the base of the trunk yet above the actual sediment base thus providing all kinds of nooks and crannies for lurking bass…

cypress root & knees

And just look at the expanse of the root system with all those “knees” sticking up creating both cover and more hang-up potential…

No wonder cypress trees can be havens for all types of fish!

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