Vibra-Bug Spinnerbaits: A Springtime Favorite

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Vibrabug-Alewife-smallA Vibra-Bug spinnerbait by Rocky Ledge Tackle is a fantastic shallow to medium depth, single-bladed lure perfect for targeting cover as bass prep for their spawning rituals.

With its unique vibrating action and wide-range of color patterns, the Vibra-Bug does an excellent job imitating both injured baitfish darting about and crawdads scurrying along the bottom. Something most hungry springtime bass can’t resist.

These spectacular spinnerbaits are definitely my preferred bait in the spring (though they work all season long actually) and here’s an example of the creator, Jim Migliozzi of Rocky Ledge Tackle showing us why 🙂

Want a little more proof?

Here’s a picture on a nice 21.5″ largemouth caught from a small Lakes Region (NH) pond right after sunset in May of 2017 on a black Rocky Ledge spinnerbait,,,

Rocky Ledge Tackle vibra-bug bass

They not only catch lots of bass but pretty nice ones as well too!

Check out Rocky Ledge Tackle’s selection of baits by clicking on their logo image below:

Rocky Ledge Tackle vibra bug

You will be glad you did!


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