Spring Bass Fishing Collection

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Spring is nearly here and it’s time to clean all the bassin’ gear, change the line on all those reels, check the boat and trailer then head to the lake!

Springtime bass fishing

But before you do, check out the following articles and videos then get ready to “rip some lips” this spring season!


First up, is your mindset really set for spring bass fishing conditions?

Mindset and Early Spring Bass Fishing Success

How about some ice-out, early spring bassin’ tips?

Ice-out and Early Spring Bass Fishing Success Tips

Need a little help patterning spring bass?

How to Pattern Spring Bass to Increase Your Fishing Success

Kevin VanDam talks lip-less crankbaits (for any season)!

KVD on How To Fish the Red Eye Shad

Thoughts on Spring Crank-baiting!

Spring Crankbait Selection

Sight Fishing for Spring Smallmouths?

Sight Fishing Structure For Spring Smallies

Fish Deep To Shallow Transition For More Springtime Success

How To Avoid Fishing Beds During The Spawn

Spring + Spinnerbaits = Apple Pie & Ice Cream

Spinnerbaits for Spring Bass Success

Springtime, Buzzbaits & Bass

Smallmouth Bass Plus Buzzbaits Equal Springtime Fishing Paradise

Last but not least, an oldie but goody for springtime bass …

Secret of the Creme Scoundrel for Bedding Bass



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