Rapala’s New Scatter Rap Series Is Amazing

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I’m not sure how I missed the announcement since I am on Rapala’s mailing list but I’m very happy I learned about their new Scatter Rap series this past weekend.

One of the benefits of watching the Classic media channels over the past few days:

I got to learn lots about new methods and baits.

When I saw the post about something called the Scatter Rap, I just had to check it out…

A quick Web search led me to Rapala’s Scatter Rap site detailing lots of cool info and providing a set of videos about the different types of Scatter Raps as shown in this video…

The design of the diving bill instantly let me think of the Thin Fin created by Storm lures back in the 1970’s (if I recall correctly) though that bill isn’t as large and wide.

There are four different body styles in the Scatter Rap line including Crank, Shad, Minnow & Count Down variations of their traditional hard-baits with ~ 16 color patterns.

I can’t wait to get my hands on several of these baits and give them a try…

As soon as Ice-Out let’s me that is … 🙂

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