Bass in the Summer to Fall Transition

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Anyone used to fishing ponds, lakes or reservoirs with fairly deep water should realize many summertime bass reside in main lake areas. While taking up residence in their main lake hide-outs, summertime bass often relate to main lake points, offshore bars/humps/rock piles, submerged cover on deep structure, deep weed beds and creek channels.

The reasons bass prefer these summertime locations are simple;

  • The deeper water areas offer a combination of cooler temperatures (hence relief from summertime heat) and
  • Presence of forage since many baitfish such as shad or herring.

Just as bass prefer areas with cooler temperatures and plentiful food, baitfish also live out in the main lake deeper water for similar reasons. As environmental conditions change, the summer to fall transition kicks off and usually occurring between earl September in the north through late October on southern waters.

summer to fall bass fishing

When the calendar passes the Autumnal Equinox, Continue reading

Is One Soft Stickbait Better Than Another?

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One question that regularly pops up when discussing the myriad of soft stickbait choices in the bass fishing market today…

Is one soft stickbait better than another when it comes to catching bass?

bass caught on soft stickbait

Though many sponsored anglers tend to claim Continue reading

Fish Finder Buying Tips for New Kayak Anglers

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Things are looking up…

You have taken the plunge…

Purchased your new kayak even launching it onto your local lake while mastering the art of kayak fishing.

After spending most of your first kayak fishing adventures probing the shallows, you’ve decided to up your game and invest in a sonar unit to explore the watery depths of your favorite honey hole.

fish finder tips for kayak anglers

So as most good Internet-oriented anglers do, you fire up the app to your favorite online tackle retailer starting your research into the different types of fish finders available to kayak anglers. It doesn’t take long to get mesmerized by the numerous models of fish finders available in the market today.

Question is, how do you identify the best fishfinder to meet your needs?

Since I am also a relatively new kayak bass angler, I developed Continue reading

Vary Your Spinnerbait Retrieve for More Bass

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Thinking back to the days when I saw my first spinnerbait, I remember a lure with blades just like an in-line spinner but configured in a way to make it weedless.

different spinnerbait retrieves

My first reaction?

What an odd looking contraption…

I definitely had my doubts it would catch anything much less bass. After a little more research, I finally broke down, bought a couple and even caught a few bass on one my first time trying it. I was hooked for life 🙂

Initially I saw the spinnerbait as a lure that could be fished like an in-line spinner with a basic cast and retrieve approach. Little did I realize Continue reading

Lure Selections When Fishing For Winter Bass

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winter bass fishing luresIf you are fortunate enough to live in southern areas of the US and your local waters do not freeze over during the winter, piling on the clothing and hitting the water for a little bass fishing helps reduce cabin fever.

Even though a fair number of hearty souls brave the cold winter chill and head out for a little winter bass fishing, many struggle with the “catching” part of the success equation.

One question instantly springs into mind …

Are you using the right lures when searching for those elusive winter bass?

Jerkbait fishing mistakes

Key Winter Bass Fishing Lure Selections … Continue reading