Bass Fishing Tip: Basics of Fishing the Swim Jig

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Fishing a bass jig with a craw-type trailer comes natural to most anglers who have been bass fishing for any amount of time but here is one jig-fishing technique namely the swim jig.

Unlike conventional jig fishing techniques such as bottom-hopping, pitching or flipping, the swim jig method uses an actual swimming retrieve rather than the standard drop and hop technique.

Though a straight swimming rapproach can work, experimenting with different retrieves such as stop and go, imparting a rise and fall action during the retrieve, etc.  can be pure dynamite …

I recall catchnig several bass when I was actually reeling the jig back for the next cast and always thought it was a fluke!  Boy was I wrong!

Here’s a great video from bass pro Casey Martin discussing the ins and outs of fishing the swim jig:

I am sure you agree Casey’s video is both interesting and informative; a great instructional piece on the key factors involved in successful swim jig fishing for bass …

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