Guide to Fall Bass Fishing Articles

If you’re like me, strong feelings with mixed emotions start to creep in when you first notice the earlier sunsets and cooler temperatures as summer gives way to fall. Just as the bright colors of autumn leaves yield to the dull hues of decay, so vacillates my spirit as I witness fall bass fishing heat up then ebb as winter approaches.

fall bass fishing

Among all the turmoil of the season’s transitions, one fact rings loud and clear …

Fall bass fishing provides the best opportunity for hopeful anglers to catch not only large numbers of bass but also the opportunity to hook that trophy “fish of a lifetime” we all dream about.

Over the last several weeks, we have posted a series of articles on this and an associated site providing fishing tips guiding you through the fall season.

In an attempt to make it easier to access information when you want it, we decided to compile a list of links to those posts below.

The link to each article is indented and italicized…

Summer to Fall Transition:

Bass in the Summer to Fall Transition

Lures for the Summer – Fall Transition

Early Fall Bassin’:

 Early Fall and the Baitfish Factor

 Early Fall Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing in Mid-Fall:

Bass Fishing Thru the Mid-fall

Moving Shallow for Mid-fall Bass

Late Fall Bass Trends:

The Late Fall Period

Lures for Late Fall Bass Fishing

Late Fall to Winter Transition:

Late Fall to Early Winter Transition

Spinnerbaits & Late Fall Bass


Tight lines & full live-wells all!

Saving Trailer Hooks

Ever get caught out on the water, reach into your tackle box for a trailer hook but can’t find the hook keepers?

making trailer hook keepers

I know I have!

A quick and easy solution for those times when you want to add a trailer hook to a spinnerbait or buzzbait but can’t find the keepers is described in the following short video…

I hope it helps! :)

Spinnerbait Fishing for Early Spring Bass Success

Clear Water Spinnerbait

There is little doubt that spinnerbaits are a great bait and enhance early spring bass fishing success.  One of the key features relating to the effectiveness of spinnerbaits when fishing for bass is the versatility of spinnerbait styles and color patterns.

As a matter of fact, not only are spinnerbaits great for early spring bass, they also shine throughout the entire spring, summer, fall and yes even into the winter fishing seasons!

What are some of the reasons behind this versatility?

  1. Spinnerbaits come in a variety of sizes, colors, blade combination and styles allowing bass anglers to chose a bait for almost any seasonal situation when on the water;
  2. Spinnerbaits can be fished at almost any depth level by varying the speed of retrieve, lure weight and blade combination; &
  3. They are readily customizable so you can quickly change blade configuration or skirt colors to adapt to changing conditions on the water!

Listen as a young Kevin VanDam explains his some of his views about spinnerbaits styles and fishing spinnerbaits in different situations:

Spending time to learn more about these highly versatile baits will definitely increase your early spring bass fishing (or should I say catching) success.

So the next time you head out to your local honey hole, check out the conditions, pick out a spinnerbait and catch the big one!

Busting Bass with Buzzing Frogs

I absolutely love bass fishing with topwaters …

How about you?  Does it get your adrenaline flowing; get the heart pumping?

In my book it should :)

As we move through spring and head toward summer, one thing is certain.  Frogs begin to croak and bass begin to key in these long-legged amphibians as a true delicacy!

Here is a great Yahoo video with Lonnie Stanley (of Stanley Lure Company) fishing for bass with the Stanley Ribbit frog.

They are really nailing great bass on top in this one!

So take a few minutes to sit back, grab a snack and relax to watch some truly “Explosive” topwater Ribbit frog action!

Makes you want to run out, hit your local tackle shop and head for the lake doesn’t it …