Customize Your Bait Selections To Waters Fished

Anytime we head out to waters we typically fish, there are certain baits we also select to match the conditions found there.

Some lakes maybe woody; others weedy, some natural while others are man-made reservoirs…

Each one of these specific environmental factors influences the lures we fish to increase our success…

BAL Custom Pack

Even though we all have a number of baits in our boxes to meet common fishing conditions, we are often frustrated by the limited availability of baits in our local tackle shops!

Fortunately the Internet has exploded with on-line vendors including small tackle manufacturers offering a greater degree of customization when ordering their lures…

One of the companies offering enhanced lure customization via their on-line store is Bass Assault Lures out of Harrisburg, AR!

In the following video, I walk through the process of ordering one of their “Build Your Own” Sample Packs based on lures I would use at a local reservoir with an explanation of why each bait was selected…

Like the idea of ordering baits specifically for the waters you fish?

Then check out Bass Assault’s BYO Sample Pack and other bait options by visiting their site via the following link!

Bass Assault Lure’s BYO Pack

Classic Champ Randy Howell’s 5 Go To Rigs/Baits

A few days ago (2/23/14), Bassmaster Elite Pro, Randy Howell completed one of the most impressive comebacks in Bassmaster Classic history by rising from 11th place on the final day of competition to win the 2014 Bassmaster Classic at Lake Guntersville, AL…

Randy Howell's Classic Winning Catch

As is customary, B.A.S.S. held a Twitter-based Q&A session Continue reading

Find Hidden Bass Cover: Scout Lakes With Low Water Levels

Stumps & Roots!

Stumps & Roots!

How do you prepare for future bass fishing trips?

No I am not talking about bass video games or my casting practices session on our snow-covered yard during winter!

What I am talking about is observing the terrain surrounding our lakes, ponds and rivers when the water is often low during the late summer and through much of the winter.

Where most of us don’t spend as much time on the water as we would like, we do tend to travel around local water bodies on a regular basis.¬† Taking the time to scan the terrain and identify Continue reading