Spinnerbait Fishing for Early Spring Bass Success

Clear Water Spinnerbait

There is little doubt that spinnerbaits are a great bait and enhance early spring bass fishing success.  One of the key features relating to the effectiveness of spinnerbaits when fishing for bass is the versatility of spinnerbait styles and color patterns.

As a matter of fact, not only are spinnerbaits great for early spring bass, they also shine throughout the entire spring, summer, fall and yes even into the winter fishing seasons!

What are some of the reasons behind this versatility?

  1. Spinnerbaits come in a variety of sizes, colors, blade combination and styles allowing bass anglers to chose a bait for almost any seasonal situation when on the water;
  2. Spinnerbaits can be fished at almost any depth level by varying the speed of retrieve, lure weight and blade combination; &
  3. They are readily customizable so you can quickly change blade configuration or skirt colors to adapt to changing conditions on the water!

Listen as a young Kevin VanDam explains his some of his views about spinnerbaits styles and fishing spinnerbaits in different situations:

Spending time to learn more about these highly versatile baits will definitely increase your early spring bass fishing (or should I say catching) success.

So the next time you head out to your local honey hole, check out the conditions, pick out a spinnerbait and catch the big one!

Busting Bass with Buzzing Frogs

I absolutely love bass fishing with topwaters …

How about you?  Does it get your adrenaline flowing; get the heart pumping?

In my book it should :)

As we move through spring and head toward summer, one thing is certain.  Frogs begin to croak and bass begin to key in these long-legged amphibians as a true delicacy!

Here is a great Yahoo video with Lonnie Stanley (of Stanley Lure Company) fishing for bass with the Stanley Ribbit frog.

They are really nailing great bass on top in this one!

So take a few minutes to sit back, grab a snack and relax to watch some truly “Explosive” topwater Ribbit frog action!

Makes you want to run out, hit your local tackle shop and head for the lake doesn’t it …

Winter Bass Fishing Tip: Bluffs Are Beautiful!

LakePowellbluff2None of us like the thought of winterizing the boat or hanging up the rods, so a few hearty souls will jump at the chance for a little winter bass fishing.  One drawback, however, fishing for bass in the winter can often be a hit or miss affair, especially for the weekend bass angler.

So in my case, I am always open to a few winter specific bass fishing tips (for those brrrry trips). One of the best winter bass fishing tips I came across long ago is how fishing bluffs this time of year can provide a number of distinct advantages to help catch bass. Continue reading

Late Fall – Early Winter Bass Fishing Using Suspending Jerkbaits

OrigRapalaFloatersmlMany anglers have been throwing minnow baits (now commonly called jerkbaits) such as Rebels and Rapalas since their early days of bass fishing.  Though originally designed as either a floating or sinking bait, astute bass fishermen quickly determine a little modification to these minnow baits provides a lure that can be more effectively fished at intermediate depths.

Once modified, the altered minnow bait would then either rise much more slowly or sometimes suspend at depth (of lucky enough to get the weight balance right).

Even though is provided an answer to the intermediate depth problem, it was less than a perfect solution. The modification process was by trial and error and sometimes the jerkbait minnow lure was rendered useless during alteration.  Usually a costly effort in both and money!

Are Suspending Jerkbaits Really Special? Continue reading