Important Knots For Bass Anglers

Ever Feel Like You’re Missing That Special Fishing Knot?

How many times have you been out on a bass fishing trip facing a specific situation where a certain knot is required but couldn’t remember how to tie it?

I’m sure it has happened to each of us at some point and what happens?

We end up either running around asking everyone else how to tie the knot or improvise using a knot that is less than an ideal solution.

Even if you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on a credit card size knot guide for your wallet, sometimes the little diagrams just don’t cut it!

Important Knots For Bass Anglers

Obviously the best way to avoid this situation is to re-learn how to tie the knot and keep practicing to commit it to memory.

Fortunately, today’s Internet provides numerous resources enabling us to access a variety of websites and other resources (videos, downloadable e-books, etc.) to help solve almost any problem.  This is definitely the case for our fishing knot problem and I would like to introduce you to a few of the resources I found particularly useful …

I was amazed to not only find numerous websites providing diagrams and written instructions but also websites with downloadable PDF files (e-books) and even videos.

The best part … I found all my favorite bass fishing knots on a cool website including the Albright, Improved Clinch, Palomar, Blood and Rapala knots.

Plus they were all in animated video …  How cool is that!!!!

Get Your Bass Fishing Knot Guidance Here!

Here is a video tour I created to guiding you through the website, different bass fishing knots (and why I use them) and how the site works …

As mentioned in the video, the link to the animated video site can be accessed directly by clicking below:

Grog’s Fishing Knots

I also created an archive file (Zip format) with two fishing knot e-books and another knot typing program to help you in your knot tying quest.

You can download the file directly by clicking on the link below:

Knot Tying E-books Download

Get More Help Here!

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Crayfish: Favored Forage of the Bass Family

It’s that time of year again and the water has warmed enough to bring the crayfish from their wintering haunts!

Crayfish are one of the favored forage species on the bass’ menu.   So the next time you head out to your favorite honey hole and include a few “crayfish-type” baits in your box …

IMG_1157resizedphoto credit: D.Burdick

Here are a few pointers to consider when selecting “crayfish-type” baits for your tackle collection:

  1. Though crayfish patterned crankbaits work well for largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass, the best color patterns vary by season.  During the spring bass fishing season crayfish are often colored with green or green-blue hues, while red or dark colors tend to work best in summer.  Select different shades of brown being tops through the fall season.
  2. Plastic crayfish imitations work well from spring to fall but remember to use the color patterns mentioned in tip #1.
  3. Never forget to add a few jig and pig combos to you tacklebox in colors ranging from all black, black/blue, black/green and brown/orange.

Here is a short video from the folks at Wired2Fish discussing crayfish color transitions…

Guide to Fall Bass Fishing Articles

If you’re like me, strong feelings with mixed emotions start to creep in when you first notice the earlier sunsets and cooler temperatures as summer gives way to fall. Just as the bright colors of autumn leaves yield to the dull hues of decay, so vacillates my spirit as I witness fall bass fishing heat up then ebb as winter approaches.

fall bass fishing

Among all the turmoil of the season’s transitions, one fact rings loud and clear …

Fall bass fishing provides the best opportunity for hopeful anglers to catch not only large numbers of bass but also the opportunity to hook that trophy “fish of a lifetime” we all dream about.

Over the last several weeks, we have posted a series of articles on this and an associated site providing fishing tips guiding you through the fall season.

In an attempt to make it easier to access information when you want it, we decided to compile a list of links to those posts below.

The link to each article is indented and italicized…

Summer to Fall Transition:

Bass in the Summer to Fall Transition

Lures for the Summer – Fall Transition

Early Fall Bassin’:

 Early Fall and the Baitfish Factor

 Early Fall Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing in Mid-Fall:

Bass Fishing Thru the Mid-fall

Moving Shallow for Mid-fall Bass

Late Fall Bass Trends:

The Late Fall Period

Lures for Late Fall Bass Fishing

Late Fall to Winter Transition:

Late Fall to Early Winter Transition

Spinnerbaits & Late Fall Bass


Tight lines & full live-wells all!

Slow Rolling Spinnerbaits For Big Bass

Even with “Old Man Winter” threatening to apply his icy grip, there’s time to break out the bass fishing gear and hit your favorite big bass haunts!

How can you catch some of the biggest bass of the year?

A great technique to help catch more of the hawgs migrating from to and from their winter-time, deep-water havens, is to slow roll a spinnerbait right across their nose…

Slow Rolling Spinnerbaits For Big Bass

Once the late fall to early spring Sun sends water temps toward the mid-forties, sluggish bass begin their ascension down and up the points and drop-offs to stage for their seasonal migrations. Continue reading

Saving Trailer Hooks

Ever get caught out on the water, reach into your tackle box for a trailer hook but can’t find the hook keepers?

making trailer hook keepers

I know I have!

A quick and easy solution for those times when you want to add a trailer hook to a spinnerbait or buzzbait but can’t find the keepers is described in the following short video…

I hope it helps! :)