Carolina Rig Basics for Deep Water Bass

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carolinarigstdMany bass anglers focus their fishing attention in relatively shallow water depths (<10 feet) for one of two basic reasons:

1)      the waters they fish are primarily that shallow or

2)      they are not comfortable with fishing deep water.

Though the second reason may involve a lack of confidence in finding bass holding structures in deep water, often times it relates to a lack of skills in deepwater presentations techniques.

Probably the most basic of deep water bass fishing methods involves using a simple system called the “Carolina Rig”.  The key components of the traditional “Carolina Rig” include:

  • A 7+ foot long MH to H casting rod and reel combo spooled with 20 lb. test main line (in today’s bass fishing world, super-braids reign supreme in this role);
  • A fairly heavy (> ½ oz.) sinker (lead, brass or tungsten), glass beads, barrel swivel and appropriate hook (depends on lure selection);
  • A two to five foot long leader (usually fluorocarbon) of varying line test depending on water and cover conditions;
  • Lure (usually plastic baits with lizards and worms being used on the traditional rig).


After preparing the rod, reel and rig set-up, the next possible hurdle occurs when trying to cast the rig since there is a fairly long leader between the sinker and lure.  To help solve both these isses, Ron Colby (Yamamoto Custom Bait Pro Staffer) demonstrates the steps in rigging, casting and the basic retrieve used with the “Carolina Rig” in the following video:

The beauty of the “Carolina Rig” is once you learn the basics of rigging and the presentation, it provides a great tool any bass angler can use when faced with a deep water bass fishing situation …

Tight lines and full livewells!

Wacky Worm Fishing for Bass

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Wide Gap Hook and Jig Wacky Rigs

Many new bass anglers are constantly on the look-out for different bass fishing lures and methods for rigging them.  One of the apparently simplest bass lures to use can often be a tad more difficult for many fisherman who are just starting to try them out … these baits are basic plastic worms.

Almost from the first time we hear of plastic worms, it conjures up images of the first “live bait” many of us fished with … the ever-present earthworm!

So it’s easy to see why many new plastic worm fishermen think it should be a snap to use the artificial version right Continue reading

Tips on Fishing the Shaky Head

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Soft plastic baits definitely play a major role in many of my days on the water and set a baseline for many of the bass fishing tips and tactics I rely upon.  Coupling different types of soft plastic baits with different styles of presentations always reap benefits under a wide range of environmental conditions.

The shaky worm fishing rig is one presentation method helping many anglers adjust to those days when tough fishing conditions prevail on the water …

In this video, Bassmaster Elite Pro, Jeff Kriet provides an “on the water” demonstration of how the shaky worm (also called jig worm) rig works under even the toughest of conditions:

Shaky worm fishing works best when scent-enhanced worms are rigged on fairly light (1/16 to 1/8 oz) jig-head coupled with light line and a slow to dead-sticking retrieve.

Give the shaky worm rig a try the next time you’re on the water and encounter tough fishing conditions!

Searching For Fishing Lake Maps?

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Ever wonder how to get hold of fishing maps for the lakes and ponds around your area?

Compiling information about fisheries is the responsibility of state fish and wildlife agencies and many have created maps or pamphlets with pertinent information about the waterbodies they manage. In today’s Internet-dominated, info-sharing world, many agencies provide access to these maps via downloadable PDF documents.

Some are direct links to the state’s lake list while others will take a little “poking around”…

We created this article to aggregate the links to free fishing map resources for each state and list the state page links on a regional basis as shown on the following map (borrowed from Fix The Primaries)…

Guide for State Fishing Lake Maps

Via Fix The Primaries (dot com)

Note: Each state name in the list below is a clickable link to their lake map collection…

Continue reading

Busting Bass with Buzzing Frogs

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I absolutely love bass fishing with topwaters …

How about you?  Does it get your adrenaline flowing; get the heart pumping?

In my book it should 🙂

As we move through spring and head toward summer, one thing is certain.  Frogs begin to croak and bass begin to key in these long-legged amphibians as a true delicacy!

Here is a great video with Continue reading