What Doc Thinks: A Specialized Winter Bass Rig

Bass fishing during the winter cold-water period can be rewarding when you connect with the fish but it can also be very frustrating when they’re not cooperating…

Cold water means slower metabolism and less feeding so many bass only respond to slow moving or near-stationary baits…

super float n fly

Though suspending jerkbaits and the ultra-finesse “float n fly” rig are winter mainstays, other rigs can also be effective from time to time.

Let’s face it, sometimes even winter bass sometimes want a “big meal” as long as it’s slow moving that is ;)

In the second “What Doc Thinks” video, I offer some insight in how a few simple tweaks to the “float n fly” produces a rig designed to present larger baits to sluggish winter bass…

Enjoy :)

Catch and Release or Keep?

Following the rise in popularity of bass tournaments during the latter part of the Twentieth Century, “catch and release” became the standard for bass anglers to help protect the health of our fisheries…

Selective Harvest

But is “catch and release” the ultimate answer in keeping bass populations healthy and thriving?

I decided to use my inaugural episode of my new video series named “What Doc Thinks” to address this issue :)

I also decided to provide a few links to articles discussing the benefits of combining selective harvest with catch and release to preserve the health of our treasured fisheries below:

Selective Harvest 1

Selective Harvest 2

Selective Harvest 3

Selective Harvest 4


Rigging Soft Plastics for Bass

Now that the bass fishing season is going hot and heavy, it maybe time to review a few rigging techniques and tips for your next fishing adventure!.

Many bass anglers rely on plastic baits (worms, grubs, lizards, craws, etc.) as a big part of their bass fishing arsenal, therefore it’s always good to remind ourselves of the different rigging methods for soft plastics.

rigging soft plastics

Different types of soft plastic baits are designed to imitate the various types of forage bass and many of these rigs were created to combine a life-like presentation as well as creating a lure that is relatively snag-less.

I recently stumbled across a great web-page where the author prepared a wonderful series of posts and images describing the different rigging techniques.

You may want to check it out too :)

Just click on either the image above or the link below to access instructions on 11 different potential bass fishing rigs to try on your next trip to your favorite fishing hole…

Keys to Your Soft Plastic Success

Guide to Fall Bass Fishing Articles

If you’re like me, strong feelings with mixed emotions start to creep in when you first notice the earlier sunsets and cooler temperatures as summer gives way to fall. Just as the bright colors of autumn leaves yield to the dull hues of decay, so vacillates my spirit as I witness fall bass fishing heat up then ebb as winter approaches.

fall bass fishing

Among all the turmoil of the season’s transitions, one fact rings loud and clear …

Fall bass fishing provides the best opportunity for hopeful anglers to catch not only large numbers of bass but also the opportunity to hook that trophy “fish of a lifetime” we all dream about.

Over the last several weeks, we have posted a series of articles on this and an associated site providing fishing tips guiding you through the fall season.

In an attempt to make it easier to access information when you want it, we decided to compile a list of links to those posts below.

The link to each article is indented and italicized…

Summer to Fall Transition:

Bass in the Summer to Fall Transition

Lures for the Summer – Fall Transition

Early Fall Bassin':

 Early Fall and the Baitfish Factor

 Early Fall Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing in Mid-Fall:

Bass Fishing Thru the Mid-fall

Moving Shallow for Mid-fall Bass

Late Fall Bass Trends:

The Late Fall Period

Lures for Late Fall Bass Fishing

Late Fall to Winter Transition:

Late Fall to Early Winter Transition

Spinnerbaits & Late Fall Bass


Tight lines & full live-wells all!