Yo-Yoing Rapala’s Rippin Rap for Spring Smallies

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Seems Rapala has been busy in their labs again, this time creating their third generation of lipless crankbaits, the Rippin’ Rap.

Rapala Lipless Crankbaits

Three Generations of Rapala Lipless Crankbaits

According to Doug Stange of InFishermanTV (see video below), this new design has a different profile than its predecessors (Rattlin’ Rap & Clankin’ Rap) as well as different sound, vibration and fall pattern.

In this instructional video, Stange uses a Yo-Yo type retrieve to connect with quality early spring smallmouth bass and explains the difference between the different Rapala lipless crankbaits…

From the look of the Ripplin’s Rap, it seems like Rapala might be mimicking Strike King’s Red Eye Shad…

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