Spring Bass Fishing Tip: Rigging a Texas Worm

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Have you ever see or participated in an online survey about favorite bass fishing lures?

I know I have numerous times and do you know what bass fishing lure wins most surveys?

Plastic bass baits, particularly plastic worms ….

There are a number of different methods you can use to rig a plastic worm but the “Texas Rig” is preferred most often.

Many anglers use the Texas rig in a variety of situations since it is more or less weedless (therefore resists hang-ups) and works in numerous structure and cover situations.

So if you are struggling with your plastic worm fishing, here is another bass fishing video tip demonstrating the proper method for rigging a plastic bait using a “Texas Rig” …


Once you learn how to properly prep a plastic bait with the “Texas Rig”, you will likely never forget.

If you do not get the worm rigged correctly on the other hand, it will often twist and turn not only leaving the bass a little dizzy but your line a curled mess as well!

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