Rigging Soft Plastics for Bass

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Now that the bass fishing season is going hot and heavy, it maybe time to review a few rigging techniques and tips for your next fishing adventure!.

Many bass anglers rely on plastic baits (worms, grubs, lizards, craws, etc.) as a big part of their bass fishing arsenal, therefore it’s always good to remind ourselves of the different rigging methods for soft plastics.

rigging soft plastics

Different types of soft plastic baits are designed to imitate the various types of forage bass and many of these rigs were created to combine a life-like presentation as well as creating a lure that is relatively snag-less.

I recently stumbled across a great web-page where the author prepared a wonderful series of posts and images describing the different rigging techniques.

You may want to check it out too 🙂

Just click on either the image above or the link below to access instructions on 11 different potential bass fishing rigs to try on your next trip to your favorite fishing hole…

Keys to Your Soft Plastic Success

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