Northern New England’s Secret Bass Lure – The Vibra-Bug

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The Vibra-Bug

The Vibra-Bug

As I started to write this review of a favorite bass fishing lure, the Vibra-Bug spinnerbait by Rocky Ledge Tackle of Pittsfield, NH, I suddenly realized I seem to be fixated on spinnerbaits.  The reason is simple, spinnerbaits are great bass fishing lures that can be fished at almost any depth and come in a variety of styles to compliment different tastes or fishing conditions.

Better yet, this is still northern New England’s secret bass lure, especially out here in the Midwest!

Earliest Overhead Arm Spinnerbait?

shannontwnblacksmallNow spinnerbaits are definitely not a newcomer on the bass lure scene.  One of the first spinnerbaits introduced to the bass fishing public was the Shannon Twin Spin manufactured by the W. J. Jamison Co. in 1917.  This specialty bass lure was virtually weedless with the twin overhead wireless shafts each holding a small Indiana-style spinner extending from the weighted head with a bucktail skirt.  The lure held it’s own through the 1970s and you can find them for sale on E-Bay occasionally today.

Long Live the Bush Hog Spinnerbait …

As mentioned in earlier posts, my first introduction to spinnerbaits came with the purchase of a few of McCollum’s 100 Series Bush Hog spinnerbaits.  These were definitely an early favorite and “Go-To” bait when I was first focusing on bass fishing and bass tournaments.  Even today, I still have a few Bush Hogs in the spinnerbait box that get used in certain situations.

Enter Rocky Ledge Bass Tackle & The Vibra-Bug …

Eight years ago, I ran into Jim Migliozzi, Owner of Rocky Ledge Tackle at a local sportsmen show and was introduced to his lines of spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and jigs.  After doing a little research, I visited Jim’s shop (I was living in NH at the time) and picked up several of his special small profile spinnerbait, the Vibra-Bug.

Though light in weight (1/4 oz.) and small in profile, the Vibra-Bug both casts like a dream and pulls fish (including big bass) in with its unique thumping vibration.  It is available in a variety of color patterns (with matching head paint) and typically built with a single mag willow leaf blade (a big part of the vibration factor) and planing style head.

Like all of Rocky Ledge’s hard bait lines, the Vibra-Bug head is made of lead-free pewter, a plus for anyone fishing on waters with lead restrictions.

Clear Water Vibra-Bug

Clear Water Vibra-Bug

This bait is usually rigged on one of my rods each fishing trip, especially in the Spring and Fall.  The Vibra-Bug is always one of four or five different spinnerbaits, rigged and ready to go, when night fishing during the summer.

I can personally attest to catching numerous largemouth and smallmouth bass on Vibra-Bugs with my largest mossback weighing in at just under 6 pounds and smallie at 3.75 pounds (and it’s not even supposed to be a smallmouth bait; please don’t tell JIM!).  Though I have caught fish on most of the color patterns Rocky Ledge sells, my personal favorites are Gold Shiner (for stained water), Emerald Shiner (for clear water) and Black-Blue or Rayburn Red for night fishing.

Look up Rocky Ledge Tackle and check out the Vibra-Bug today and tell them Jim Hickey sent you.

You’ll be glad you did!

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