Map View: Sabine River in Texas

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This morning launched the start of the Bassmaster Elite Series’ second day on the Sabine River in Texas. While checking in on yesterday’s action, I was curious about the nature of the waters the Elite anglers are fishing this week.

Since BASSTrakk is not active at this point in the event, I fired up trusty ole “Google Maps” to get a birds eye view of the river system…

Broad View Map of Sabine River System (Arrows Pointing to River)

Sabine River Area

Even at first glance, it was obvious how expansive the Sabine system is running from its discharge into the Gulf of Mexico clear back to the Toledo Bend Dam (not sure how far up the river is navigable).

In an interview posted on the Bassmaster Sabine Event Live Blog, former Classic champ, Chris Lane might have said it best…

“Running? Yeah, I think I gave new meaning to running. I went from seeing bass and alligators to redfish and dolphins. This place is vast.”

So to provide a better idea of how “Vast’ the Sabine system is, I created several map images (courtesy of Google Maps & PicMonkey) showing area first from a broad view (Gulf to Toledo Bend – above) and then more detailed view of the area around and immediately upriver from Orange, TX…

Area Around Orange Texas (Arrows Pointing @ Tributaries)

Sabine Orange Trib Intro

Focus on Two Major Tributaries North of Orange

Sabine Zoom No Orange

Close-up View of Tributary Extent

North Orange Sabine River Zoom 2

Not only is the main river upwards of 100 miles long, add in all of the tributaries and sloughs and you quickly understand the meaning behind Chris Lane’s statement!

This place is definitely immense!

Update on Saturday, March 16th…

BASSTrakk has been re-activated today for Day 3 of the Sabine Elite tourney (yeehaw!) and that is really cool in my book…

When I made a quick check this AM of the standings and locales for the 50 remaining Elite anglers, something I hadn’t really considered became readily apparent…

When originally creating this post, I considered the Sabine system as the main river and tributaries off the river but mainly within the river’s floodplain…

After loading the locations of all 50 anglers onto the map, was I shocked to find how widely dispersed the field was in an east-west directions as shown below:

BASSTrack Map- Day 3 Sabine Elite Tournament

BASSTrakk Map via Bassmaster Elite Website

 So not only is the place potentially huge within the main river system but it is truly immense when taking the east-west areas in as well!

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