Lure Selections When Fishing For Winter Bass

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winter bass fishing luresIf you are fortunate enough to live in southern areas of the US and your local waters do not freeze over during the winter, piling on the clothing and hitting the water for a little bass fishing helps reduce cabin fever.

Even though a fair number of hearty souls brave the cold winter chill and head out for a little winter bass fishing, many struggle with the “catching” part of the success equation.

One question instantly springs into mind …

Are you using the right lures when searching for those elusive winter bass?

Jerkbait fishing mistakes

Key Winter Bass Fishing Lure Selections …

Based on the experience of many successful winter bass anglers, four lure categories rise to the top for their winter bass fishing lure selection preferences including:

  • Heavy metal baits including jigging spoons, tail spinners and blade baits that can be fished vertically as well as using normal cast and retrieve presentations;
  • Jig and eel combinations where hair jigs and pork eels (or sometimes plastic worms) are used over the rubber skirted jigs and frogs during other times of year;
  • Jerkbaits (minnow baits) particularly suspending models (see previous post for details on winter bass fishing with suspended jerkbaits); &
  • Plastic grubs in three to five inch lengths rigged on a ball, darter or football jighead.

Winter bass typically reside in areas close to baitfish and vertical structures.

Each of the lure types mentioned provides the angler with high level of presentation control therefore placing the baits in the strike zone consistently.

Companies Manufacturing Winter Bass Fishing Lures:

Here is a list of the four winter bass fishing lure selection catergories and a few links to major bass fishing lure manufacturing companies:

basshairjigSo the next time you hit the water for a little winter bass fishing, keep these baits in mind to increase your bass “catching” success.

Also be sure to sign up for the free seasonal bass fishing e-report series (see above) for more helpful bass fishing (and more importantly … catching!) tips and tactics.

Tight lines and full livewells forever!


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