Late Winter Plus Ice Out Equals Shoreline Bass Fishing

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Bass Fishing Anyone?

Here in northern Missouri, “Old Man Winter” is finally starting to lose his grip as longer days and warmer temperatures mean receding ice on our local bass haunts!

Though it seemed like may never get here, the first open water bass fishing opportunity of the new season is starting to present itself 🙂

Once the ice withers back from the shoreline and yields more than a cast length’s distance to it’s edge, it’s time to head out and take full advantage of this late winter bass angling bonanza …

Being a good scout, I’ve already renewed the license, prepped  some rod and reel combos and assembled a small tackle pack with lipless crankbaits, spinnerbaits, some stick baits and jigs.

That’s right, I’m all set to hit the water’s edge on a moment’s notice!

How about you?

I look forward to seeing you out there as well …

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