Key Tips for Fishing the Drop Shot Rig for Bass

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Basic Drop Shot Rig

Great short instructional video providing an honest plus some of my tips providing little different view of fishing the drops shot rig for largemouth and smallmouth bass.


The host (Skeet Reese) details information about the basics of the drop shot rig including hooks, sinkers, leader material and how to tie the rig.

Next Skeet covers the different types baits and conditions to use on a drop shot rig.

Although he covers the standard approach to fishing for bass with a drop-shot rig, there are two things you want to keep in mind:

  1. There are many different brands and types of plastic baits on the market so it is easy to select something a little different on high pressure waters; &
  2. One modification to the standard approach is to use a lure (jig or lipless crankbait) for your weight rather than a standard drop shot sinker.

The funny thing about those tips pertains to the day I was actually introduced to drop shotting while fishing a tournament several years ago.

Since there was a bloom of filament-like algae on bottom of the lake we were fishing, my partner started throwing a drop shot to avoid getting mucked up by the “snot”.  His rig was anchored by a with a 3/8 oz grub as the weight, a 7″ worm as the drop shot bait and he was throwing it with a 7′ M/H action casting rod and 17 lb. test line.

Oh yeah … and he caught several pretty nice fish with it (including  4 lb. largie …)!

Definitely far from standard!

Fishing a drop shot rig should be part of each bass fisherman’s tackle arsenal.

So pick-up the materials you need, tie a few rigs before your next bass fishing trip and increase your catches, especially when conditions are tough.

And remember, be versatile and experiment with the drop shot rig on your next bass fishing trip when the conditions are tough. You just might be pleased with the results!

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