Is One Soft Stickbait Better Than Another?

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One question that regularly pops up when discussing the myriad of soft stickbait choices in the bass fishing market today…

Is one soft stickbait better than another when it comes to catching bass?

bass caught on soft stickbait

Though many sponsored anglers tend to claim their supporter’s bait is best, they will also often quietly admit they will default to the grand-daddy of soft stickbaits, the Yamamoto Senko, when the chips are down and money is at stake!

There are also quite a few “regular” folks touting the features of the Senko and how it outshines all other softstick bait brands at catching bass…

I will admit, there have been many days when the Yamamoto Senko came through for me even after starting with a competing, usually less expensive brand at the beginning of the day.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to Mister Twister’s soft stickbait version, the Comida and started fishing it with considerable success on many outings.

Since the Senko vs Comida (as well as other brands) question seems to always loom, this past season I tracked how the Comida fared vs the Senko on numerous days on the water…

What I discovered is very interesting as explained in the following video…

So what are your thoughts?

Does your favorite soft stickbait produce as well as the Senko?

Is the question really that simple?

Curious minds want to know 😉


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