Fishing Deep Crankbaits for Bass

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Crankbaits are versatile bass lures available in a wide range of sizes, styles and color patterns allowing the bass angler to use them throughout the seasons.

Deep diving crankbaits are particularly effective for fishing offshore structures, where bass reside during the winter and summer months.

Selecting the right crankbait style and depth range, such as the Rapala DT20, in a color pattern matching dominant forage results in great bass “catching” opportunities as demonstrated in the following video …


One other thing to keep in mind is the approach the Lindner brothers use in the video before even starting to fish. Note how they take the time to carefully map out the rock pile structure with sonar and GPS before actually fishing for the largemouth bass present on the spine of the pile.

It’s all part of turning the bass fishing trip into a bass catching adventure!

Tight lines & full livewells …

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