Fishing Cape Cod’s Johns Pond

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Johns Pond in Mashpee is another one of the Upper Cape’s fantastic fishing resources. Located in western Mashpee close to the Falmouth border, Johns Pond is also a glacial kettle pond just like Peters Pond, Mashpee Wakeby Ponds, Snake Pond Ashumet Pond.

Aerial image map of Johns Pond, Mashpee, MA

According to the Massachusetts of Division Fisheries and Wildlife, the pond covers approximately 317 surface acres with an average depth of 23 feet, maximum depth of about 65 feet in an average transparency of about 18 feet. It is classified as a mesotrophic waterbody.

Access to Johns Pond is provided via a paved ramp off Hooppole road with parking for 10 vehicles with trailers. The easiest way to find Johns Pond is using a mapping service such as Google maps but it is located north of the Barnstable County Fairgrounds on Route 151. Over 3.5 miles of shoreline surrounds the pond but it is fairly heavily developed with both seasonal and year-round residences.

Johns is a great fishery containing trophy specimens of both largemouth and small mouth bass along with excellent quality rainbow and brook trout that are stocked annually by the state. Optimal times for catching both species of bass runs from early spring to late fall especially during those times when sea-run alewives are present. Typically trout fishing is best from late winter and through the spring and then again to the fall. Where trout tend to cruise and prefer open water, the bass tend to frequent the many weed beds present across the pond.

I recall one time several years ago stopping by the Johns Pond ramp one late winter day in the trout were breaking just off shore. Since I had a rod and reel in some bass tackle in the truck, I geared up with the smallest crank baits in the box and managed to catch several nice rainbows even though it is using bass fishing tackle.

The image below shows a version of the pond contour map with the areas where vegetation usually grows shaded in. Common aquatic vegetation present in Johns Pond includes pondweed, eelgrass in the deeper sections and drop-offs while coontail moss is common in the shallows.

Vegetation (Weed) Map of Johns Pond, Mashpee

So the next time you’re heading over for some Cape Cod fishing and find yourself in the vicinity of Johns Pond, be sure to stop by and check out the great fishing opportunities it can provide.

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