Cold Weather Bass Tips – Tying Hair Jigs for Bass

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One of the most basic and effective fishing lures ever developed is a simple hair jig.

Even though it is a very basic lure design, hair jigs are highly effective baits since they mimic the forage base of virtually all game fish including our favorites – largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass!

Depending on the methods used to tie the hair jig, it can be designed to imitate common fish forage such as minnows, crayfish and even leeches.  Coupling the correct design with the proper fishing techniques (subject of a future post), jigs will produce quality and quantities of fish when many other techniques falter.

Most jigs can be tied using basic materials consisting of a vice, bobbin, jighead, thread, different types of animal hair or fur (bucktail, rabbit hair, etc.) as well as newer synthetic materials such as mylar and flash-a-boo.

In this video, Al Daher of Micky’s Bait & Tackle (North Syracuse, NY) demonstrates the secrets to successfully tying hair jigs that catch fish …

Enjoy and learn …

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