Old Roadbeds Are Bass Hotspots

Spring and fall are times of transition, especially in the bass’ world. During the change from winter to spring and summer to fall, many bass move up from their deep water haunts towards the shallows to feed and partake in their annual species renewal … Continue reading

Find Hidden Bass Cover: Scout Lakes With Low Water Levels

How do you prepare for future bass fishing trips? No I am not talking about bass video games or my casting practices session on our snow-covered yard during winter! What I am talking about is observing the terrain surrounding our … Continue reading

7 Secrets to Sharpen Smallmouth Success

Improve your odds on summertime smallmouth fishing Whether fishing the Great Lakes or the sprawling impoundments of the Dakotas, glacial pools in the quiet countryside or the mountain gems of Tennessee, these easy tips will help you catch more smallmouth… … Continue reading