Bass Fishing Tips for Reservoirs: Simple Reservoir Classification System

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Looking for a few tips for your bass fishing trip to those new reservoirs this season?

Today’s post includes a tutorial video where Doc Bass guides you through the different primary classes of impoundments and how those classes relate to the bass fishing opportunities you’ll encounter in each one.

The Essence – Changing Landscapes Equal Different Reservoir Classes!

Everyone knows as you travel across this great country of ours, the nature of the landscape changes dramatically.  You likely also noticed, not only does the nature of the landscape change, so does the types of structure and cover found in the reservoirs created on each of these different landscapes.

Once you learn how differing terrains influence the nature of the impoundments found in the same area, you are well on your way to understanding what to expect with the bass fishing conditions on each body of water.

So give a listen to Doc Bass as he provides a few tips and pointers to help you plan your next bassing expedition to that new reservoir this coming season:

Tight lines and full livewells forever!


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