Bass Fishing Tip: Keep the Sun Out of the Bass’ Eyes

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Have you ever stopped to think about the relationship of the Sun, the cover you’re fishing and how it might impact the bass using the cover?

Are you doing all you can to “keep the Sun out of the bass’ eyes” when you’re fishing shallow cover?

Many anglers do not even consider this factor but taking the time to consider how the fish is positioned on cover, the angle to the Sun and your approach on that cover can definitely impact your bass catching success!

There are two reasons for wanting to make sure the Sun is at the bass’ back and essentially in your eyes:

  1. When the Sun is behind the bass, the fish has a cleared view of the bait making it much easier for it to hone in on and attack; &
  2. It keeps your shadow from suddenly projecting over the area where the bass is holding sometimes causing spookier fish to lose interest and aggressiveness.

So the next time you hit the water be sure and note the relationship between you, the cover you’re fishing and the Sun to help keep the Sun out of the bass’ eyes and increase your odds of success …

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