Bass Fishing Frog Boat Style

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A while back, I posted a few articles about rising fuel costs and a potential move toward small boat bass fishing. Right after those initial posts, our political leaders finally admitted the economy was heading south. One of the artifacts of a slumping economy ended up being falling gas prices therefore its pressure on bass fisherman waned for a while.

Now that the economy is slowly recovering and gas prices are starting to rise, renewed interest in small boats is rising as well.

Of course there is the other reason for gravitating to small boats, easier access to more waters than is feasible with an 18+ foot rig with a 150+ HP outboard hanging off the transom.

Just yesterday I came across a unique concept in small fishing boats, something called “The Frog Boat”.

Though the length of the boat is a mere 8-feet, the addition of four pontoons around the corners provides for enhanced stability and as well as a surprising load rating of 500 pounds!

Why exactly is it called the “Frog Boat”?

Well just watch the following video and see 🙂

Pretty interesting concept if you ask me!

Here’s the link to the company’s website: The Frog Boat

Keep a watch for more articles covering various types of small boats to help serve your bass fishing needs…

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