Bass Catching Secret Revealed: Keep Your Line Fresh for More Bass

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All bass anglers are looking for secrets to help increase their bass catching. One secret many fishermen overlook pertains to a basic piece of bass fishing equipment the line on their reels!

Keep Your Line Fresh for More Bass …

Make no mistake, the weakest part of your connection to the bass is the line you are using.  Many bass anglers spool their reels at the beginning of the season and continue to use the same line until they can’t cast anymore.

I know being frugal can be a good thing but when you are bass fishing around al sorts of cover, the line is constantly being abraded and degraded! Changing your line on a regular basis definitely helps maintain the connection with the fish turning your fishing expeditions into bass catching adventures. 🙂

Watch the video below and listen to Dave Mercer of Facts of Fishing TV explains why keeping your line fresh for more bass helps you catching rather than breaking off fish …

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