A Hawg Trough Ready for Any CPR Tourney

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Anyone planning on fishing small boat tournaments is likely to learn most use “Catch, Photo, Release” a.k.a. CPR as the preferred fish registration method. Bass tournament events based on CPR takes fish conservation to the next level since the bass is quickly released to the water with far less stress than traditional live release events.

Fishing Online Hawg Trough

As I learned more about CPR events and noticed many target small boat anglers, I decided to get re-involved with CPR bass tournaments this season. The more I looked at different tournament trails, the more I learned a specific type of measuring board was often required; Hagen’s Hawg Trough.

It’s easy to understand why the Hawg Trough was selected but there are two deficiencies in the original design that needs to be addressed before use in most events. These two deficiencies are remedied in an enhanced Hawg Trough model offered by one online vendor as described in this short video:

Yes, anyone can make the adjustments with a couple of simple tweaks but why bother when a “ready to go” enhanced Hawg Trough is available from the folks at Fishing Online?

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Tight lines and many gunwale crossings 🙂



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